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If you are looking for information about my work as a Producer please visit Flow Contemporary Arts. I have worked as a visual arts producer in the public realm since the early 2000’s, so have extensive experience of delivering multiple-site projects, both permanent and temporary. I still love delivering projects and am available to do so, as a consultant or adviser.

My art practice in recent years has become deeply involved with the River Severn, near where I live in the UK. I use a range of media to make work, including, drawing, film, printmaking and words. They all have a similar aesthetic and focus. At the beginning of this journey, I did several panoramic drawings of both banks of the river, on opposite banks. They were all destined for my semi-autobiographical book “Severnside – an artist’s view of the Severn.” Many of my recent artworks (but not all) have been informed by places visited when researching that book. (see map above)

Cliff to Ground – drawing, A1, graphite on Vellum paper 2021