a privilege to speak, to listen and share – Stories of Objects supporting memory recall

Running Story of Objects sessions is always deeply fascinating and rewarding for all involved – this one was very special:

Dear Carolyn,
thank you for the ‘Story of Objects’ workshop that you delivered for the ‘mindSCAPE’ group on 18/08/15. ‘mindSCAPE’ is a Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Beauty, Big Lottery funded project for people with dementia and their carers.

The session was fascinating, the group brought in a range of objects and photos of things that were important to them. It was wonderful to hear the group talk so openly about their objects, which in turn led them to discuss their lives, their memories, thoughts and feelings. Notably, it was wonderful that participants with dementia talked so freely about their objects – clearly a project of this nature has significant benefits in terms of reminiscence. The group were keen to ask questions about each others objects, which led to interesting, and at times, moving discussion.

The group agreed that we all learned a great deal about each other in the process. It would be great to see more work of this nature for people who have dementia, as it enables the capture of memories which may be on the brink of being lost.

Thanks Carolyn


It was a really interesting session yesterday. From my perspective it was interesting particularly to see how the use of the countryside and landscapes conjured up so much passion, from interesting natural items to simply enjoying the outdoors through dog walking. It was interesting to see also how most peoples treasured items related to being outdoors and exploring, whether it be locally or further afield. 

Many thanks, Nick Critchley, Development Officer, Wye Valley AONB

Thank you Artspace Cinderford for inviting me, it was a privilege to be witness to such wonderful life-stories in the lovely Forest of Dean

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