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top ten words from feedback for fff

the 10 most common words used in feedback following mentoring sessions

For a free 15 minute conversation about your needs, get in touch.

Flow Support offers a service for individuals and organisations seeking confidential support within the arts and related industries.  With a strong background of freelance work in various roles in the art sector combined with an approachable manner I can help you to move forward in your practice, assist in securing funding, provide curatorial guidance,  help you grow your confidence and support you to deliver your own projects, from concept to delivery.

I value mentoring from both sides – I have been mentored myself and supported others. We increasingly work in isolation and sometimes need to bounce ideas off people and be given constructive feedback. When you draw you can turn the drawing upside down, or look at it in a mirror, to see it anew.  Using a mentor is a bit like that – it’s hard to see what a sticking point might be  – your mentor can be your mirror.

Having me as a critical friend may be more useful to you – sometimes we simply can’t see where we are going because we are too close to our work.

Funding Support – I have an extremely high success rate of supporting artists in applying for Grants for the Arts. I don’t do it for you, I help you make a strong application so you can do it yourself in the future.

Flow Support builds upon over twenty years of working in the arts and twelve years experience of initiating and delivering contemporary art projects in the public realm, primarily in non-art locations with non-arts partners.

How does it work? Book a 15 minute introductory session. Think carefully about what you think you need beforehand, to make the most of that time. We can see if we are compatible to work together as it is a two-way process.

What happens after the mentoring period ends? Every relationship is different. Some people find the mentoring relationship so useful they write a sum into their funding applications to contiue working together; some find I have the skills, network and experience to help them deliver projects. Either way it is what is beneficial to the mentee at that moment in time.

Feedback from mentees:

Carolyn is professional, approachable and friendly – the conversation flowed. The feedback was useful, providing some interesting leads to follow up…..

in a short time, Carolyn was able to offer some comments and ways to improve my practice

Flow Contemporary Arts provided inspiring advice on how to tour our current work and implement new ideas for taking our projects further. Carolyn’s experience and knowledge of producing artworks and cultural organisations is invaluable.

Enjoyable and useful mentoring session

flow contemporary provided me with an opportunity to test out where the boundaries of my idea were.

Refreshing to have feedback from an informed, outside source: it cuts through everyday practice and ways of seeing..

Offering an informed fresh perspective on the work.

a helpful friendly independent source of advice – anon

You helped me realise how useful a mentor could be.

Amazing value – a long overdue service I’ve been waiting for!?

Carolyn at Flow provides great support for artists and art organisations alike. Not only is her advice useful and inventive, it is also filled with enthusiasm and positive drive.

How much does it cost? – get in touch and we can discuss what is best for you. 

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