In 2001 Sue Thomas gave her sister

A pair of earrings for her birthday

Wafer-thin motherboards

Metal as fine as lace

Nodes where knots would be

Linked not by choice but by design


Five years older than Carolyn

Sue was a Professor

Always more grown up

Than Carolyn could ever be

That fact would never go away

Nor would the fact they are sisters


Six years later

Carolyn rediscovered one of the earrings

She hung it in her room, alone

And admired its delicacy

Often wondering

Where the other might be


Seven years later it reappeared

Surprisingly in her garage

Files tipped out of a cardboard box

Onto a dusty concrete floor

Revealed the earring

Hooked underneath the inside flap


Together again, the network reconnected

Sharp words and edges catching

Both flesh and thread

Memory restored


Like a paired device

grey area in my heart


elsworth kelly

I am the shadow underneath

Hosted on black, barely visible

Where white drapes over me, I gain attention

You will notice white more too

When I lurk below it

Even the black cannot deny me

When white reveals me

Without my subtlety

Their boldness would go unnoticed

They would be flat dull and lifeless

I am the space between

I give the illusion of space

I am their breathe


January 2014



Distorted images

Quivering on the surface

Of the chilly cavern wall

The place in which

We shiver



Like Google cardboard

Three dimensional distortions

Of flatness

Residues of culture


Plato’s ghost hovers

On the craggy stone

A flimsy mirage

A philosophical



Accretion punctured

By stigmata

Holy wholly holey

Religion and academia

Make touchstones cold


Belief presented as fact

Landscapes infused

And confused

With religion

For gods sake


Touch the stone

Inhale its ferrous stench

Blast a hole

In the light wall

Expose the minerals, wetness, earth


The drone

Of academic egos

Offer glimmers of thinking

Like gasps of dying candlelight

Then gone


Let us be seated

In this darkest of places

Be present

In its chilly embrace

And accrete