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Due to lockdown, my artworks are not available to see as easily as usual. I have had films selected for three exemplary exhibitions, but soon they shall be closed. RWA Open selected ‘When You Call I shall Come” – a poetic film made during the high tide in the Spring, during the first lockdown. You can catch it online as it was selected for Earth Photo 2020 too. “As Above, So Below” is a work selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize. This work is a split-screen piece created using a range of cameras and angle shots. I can share a link to this on request, just contact me here or message me – Severnsideartist on Instagram.

Gelli Monoprints – unique, original prints

I am developing a series of A4 prints on acid-free papers as part of the #artistsupportpledge. Visit Instagram #SevernSideArtist to snap one up. I shall endeavour to post some for every weekend. These are the first to be released.

Photogravure Limited Edition Prints

I am delighted to tell you that the photogravure prints of two stills from two of my recent films about the Severn are now available. Each of the prints are created from film stills. Due to limitations of lockdown, I am very grateful for the help of Nichola Goff for helping me to pull the prints from the plates made by Martyn Grimmer.

The wall price for each unframed print is £130 + postage 38cm x 29cm sheet on white Hahnemuhle Etching Paper.

50 of each have been hand-editioned and are supplied signed and numbered by me.

You can watch When You Call I Shall Come on the EarthPhoto2020 website.

You can see As Above So Below in the touring exhibition for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, or by contacting me directly to give you a private link to view.

photogravure print of still from When You Call I Shall Come

Photogravure print – still from When You Call I Shall Come

information above


Photogravure print of still from As Above So Below

Photogravure print of still from As Above So Below

as above


Newnham Church Panoramic Print

The original drawing in charcoal and chalk was 2 metres wide. This print is available at 1000mm (W) x 198mm (H) Printed by Redcliffe in Bristol, on watercolour paper, it is a feature piece for any room. Edition of 25, only 15 left now.


Beautiful hardback book “Severnside: An Artist’s View of The Severn” available, and you can order them on here. There is more information on the front page of my website and of course you are welcome to contact me if you have any questions. This is my second print run and they are going fast. One buyer has been using the book as a tour guide to visit new places:

“Carolyn’s beautifully illustrated book made an informative, intriguing guide, when we took it with us to explore the opposite side of the Severn.”

And she sent me a photo of her viewing Newnham from Arlingham, on the other bank:

Arlingham to Newnham, photo by Uschi Arens-Price

SEVERNSIDE: An Artist’s View Of The River Severn

The author addresses the reader and takes them on a circular journey on both banks of the Severn, travelling from one place to another, dipping in and out of the past and the present. She shares her unique perspective – expect a travel manual, an autobiography, a psycho-geographical tall-tale. Her beautiful panoramic drawings and bold writing combine to provide a narrative of this riverscape for all to enjoy. She has a deep understanding of landscape and how we navigate through it and her book specifically explores how we encounter both banks of the River Severn. Note: RRP is £28.00 – price includes UK P&P – for other countries please email me before ordering.