#mademyday – one of the many reasons making art matters – lovely words from Jess

At a local exhibition with farOpen a complete stranger walked in and fell in love with my work. We talked for ages and today she sent me an email, a little of which I am sharing it with you, because sometimes it is important to remember that making art carries a responsibility too, to others.  And it is a reminder to us all to be open with each other, we’re all such sensitive souls!

Thank you Jess, you made my day!

“I found you and your work to be really inspiring and exciting. I love your drawings, I love the place that’s inspiring you and I’m really excited about your book which looks fab.
I think your love for what you’re doing is infectious…
Since meeting you something deep inside stirred and I went down to the beach at Beachley under the bridge to see if I could come up with a papier mache response!! It’s looking good so far…a bit to go…but the passion is there!”

Join me under the Severn Bridge, in the pub!

With my project in full swing and only days for my Crowdfunder to run, I thought I’d grab a moment to meet people under the bridge in a pub that features in one of the drawings in my book.

I LOVE getting different viewpoints for the river, and this one couldn’t be any closer! And just behind it is where the Severn and the Wye meet up again, having started their journeys in Plyminon 220 miles away.

Book a place

I’ll bring with me the original charcoal panoramic drawings for you to see. You are invited to bring with you any stories you’d like to share about the Old Severn Bridge. As the project is about both sides, I plan to do another meetup on the other side too.

So 12 noon, at Old Ferry Inn, Sunday 29th October.

If you fancy a walk, wear good walking shoes and appropriate clothing.

In the meantime, PLEASE pledge on the Crowdfunder page, help me make this happen!

Love the river? Submit your Severn Bridge Stories HERE

severn bridge aust from raw carolyndng adjusted BWWhile I have your attention through my Crowdfunder appeal, I am taking the opportunity to invite people to contribute their own stories about the Old Severn Bridge. Maybe you love the place and participate in sponsored walks, runs, cycling etc. Or you sail under it, or fish nearby. Did you once travel on the Old Ferry? Were you were part of the team that built the bridge?

Whatever you wish to share, please write your story in the comments section at the bottom of this page. It may take a a few hours to appear as I shall need to screen them to avoid spammers. Use your own words, I shan’t edit unless the language is offensive in any way. This way we can all share stories and see each other’s. And I may well invite you to let me include yours in my book!


…for a walk and talk on Sunday 29th October at noon. Book here – it’s free!

Share away!

severn bridge beachley from raw carolyndng adjusted BW


River Time is Different in Newnham, words & video prove it!

So this morning I could hear geese chuntering away down on the Severn, while I was still in bed. I leapt out and grabbed some clothes and went down to see them….I was more than rewarded with a wonderful sunrise, thoght the geese had flown up-river. Here’s a short powm I worte, and a video to prove that time is truly different in my part of the world! (turn the video sound up loud!)

River Time is Different

The geese call

I run down

To the river


To see, too late


Now out of sight

I hear them

A honking, jeering


Rowdy cacophony


The racing river

Seems to pause

When a leaf falls then


Floats away to sea


The church bells

Ring out the hours

I know this moment


Then the clock bells


Ring out

River time

Is different


In Newnham


The Film









Do you have a memorable story to share about the Old Severn Bridge?

I’m writing a book abut various places along the Severn, with a focus on both banks. People love the Old Severn Bridge – it has a nautical feel about it. Events are held there- fundraising walks, motorcycle rallies, walking groups. You may have sailed under it.

Do you have a fond memory of crossing the bridge, or visiting nearby? Maybe you met the person you fell in love with in the Old Ferry Inn? Or walked across with friends? Or enjoyed seeing the alabaster seams in the cliffs?

If you did, please share in the comments book on this page. An appendix at the back of my book with YOUR stories would be great! (I would need to have permission to edit if needed)

There’s something brewing next to the River Severn………

….because I’ve been drawing it for months and secretly writing away – gathering local history, anecdotal stories, tall tales, magical musings and amusing magical facts. And they are all about both sides of the river and encourage you to consider what it’s like on the other side.

Now it all has to be gathered together to publish a book – but I need your help to do this. I’ve done most of the drawings and written many of the words, all unpaid. BUT I DO need to pay a talented graphic designer and a printer to put it all together for people to read.
There are some lovely rewards you can pledge for and some bargains in terms of limited edition prints and, of course, you can pre-order the book. The prints are of the Old Severn Bridge, seen from both banks. The entry, and exit, to my stories.
Have a look, you might fall in love with this idea and want to own part of it. I hope you do!
Thank you!

Go STRAIGHT to my Crowdfunding Page- do not pass – GO!

severn bridge beachley from raw carolyndng adjusted BW

Go STRAIGHT to my Crowdfunding Page!

severn bridge aust from raw carolyndng adjusted BW