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I am doing research relating to The Story of Objects.

I invite you and your friends and family to contribute a 30 second film of any object you own and love to the dedicated Youtube channel. This is stage one of exploring how we relate to objects we own and why we get so attached to some things. There’s more information about the background to the research and instructions how to get involved here. (instructions at bottom of that page, please scroll down)

dads wooden spoon

Withdrawn with Luke Jerram, for Bristol Green Capital 2015

Withdrawn is being delivered by Luke Jerram, Trust New Art Bristol, Forestry Commission with support from Flow Contemporary Arts.

“From April 2015 Luke Jerram invites visitors to Leigh Woods in Bristol, to experience an unexpected encounter with a flotilla of abandoned fishing boats installed in the depths of the woodland.  Miles from the sea, how did they get here? Were they left by a receding tidal surge or a changing coast line? Is this the effect of climate change or over fishing, causing fish stocks to collapse and with it the industry? This thought-provoking and engaging installation raises discussion about climate change, extreme weather, changing ocean temperatures, falling fish stocks and our impact on the marine environment.”

Some great images on Luke’s dedicated site and on Trust New Art Bristol site.

Currently working at the Burton Art Gallery in Devon on the Bideford Black: the next generation project, delivering new works by 8 artists and one film maker. The finished works will be accessioned into the museum collection. Working with Claire Gulliver on this, we have an excellent line up of artists, press release out soon.

The Friction Project: an art project that investigates the dynamic between fact and fiction, challenging the assumption that museums deal with the past and contemporary art is concerned with now and the future……..

Writer for Redefining Print at Double Elephant Print Workshops: A writing commission to engage with the four artists that have been commissioned for the Redefining Print project,  writing as a commentary about the ideas and motivations behind the project as it evolves.

More information about Carolyn here

The Friction Project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England Print To keep updated on progress, please subscribe on the left. If you would like to discuss possible partnership working, please email to arrange for an informal conversation.

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