Arriving at Hawkwood, opening doors to the mind. Many doors to choose from.

The action of driving from one side of the Severn to the other has sparked off many thoughts to inform my brief residency at Hawkwood College. I’m very thankful for this opportunity, brushing the dust off my suitcase made me realise I’ve not been away for some time. I’ve been here only two hours and have already written extensively and prepared the wall for drawing. It is such a privilege to come here to think.

First thing I did was take some photos, following my thinking pattern. Looking at both sides and the  inside and out. People move quietly and calmly, in and out of the framed garden, fetching water from the spring.

I’m on the threshold and it feels thrilling. Water, bridges, connections. You may have to carry me back to Newnham like this:

ferryman carrying woman copyrighted to Ian Pope

 (C) Ian Pope