Feeling Unsettled by Social Making, in a good way

The Social Making symposium was devised by Take a Part in partnership with Plymouth University and hosted by Radiant Space. There were several overarching themes that evolved as the Social Making symposium rolled out over two days. Those relating to unsettling, succession and time caught my attention. Arnstein’s Ladder was also discussed, there’s an articleContinue reading “Feeling Unsettled by Social Making, in a good way”

A woven time-warp-walk through Bristol with Circumstance

Going to experience the wonderful sonic orchestral participatory work Folded Path in Bristol, with Duncan Speakman, was always going to be a special experience. And it was, very much so. Navigating through the streets led by Circumstance, setting off from the Watershed and wandering around a fairly tight area, meant every step felt familiar toContinue reading “A woven time-warp-walk through Bristol with Circumstance”

#visartsbristol open space meeting – good discussions, now for action (updated)

Yesterday I attended an open space event convened by Situations and Bristol Museums (and possibly others, excuse my ignorance here). AMENDMENT: the partners that hosted the event were: Alexis Butt, Acting Director, RWA; Claire Doherty, Director, Situations; Helen Legg, Director, Spike Island; Julie Finch, Director and Phil Walker, Public Programmes Manager, Bristol Museums, Galleries andContinue reading “#visartsbristol open space meeting – good discussions, now for action (updated)”