I hesitate to use the term tutor these days as I find most of the workshops I run are more like a collaborative exchange, a shared learning process. I offer support which includes instruction if needed. I do my best to help people see things differently. To look with new eyes.

I the past I ran many art classes for adults in drawing, painting and particularly life drawing. I’ve taught all ages in colleges, youth clubs and schools.

The classes I have run in recent years I have named ‘Looking Classes’. Drawing is an essential part of developing visual vocabulary and can be done through unlimited means using anything. Literally anything can be a drawing medium. Learning the basics is helpful – framing, proportion, perspective etc. but, more importantly, we learn through doing. Putting aside fear of failure, stepping into the arena and doing battle with whatever we can get our hands on.

And do it regularly. Until it becomes second nature, a habit.

You will never regret learning to draw.

I’m not running any classes at the moment due to the pandemic, but I will. Soon.