Selection of texts

ARTICLE: (a-n subscribers only) Hill33 By: Carolyn Black, David Cotterrell a-n’s Collaborative Relationships series exposes the working relationships between artists and the wide range of professionals they choose to collaborate with. In this article, artist David Cotterrell and Projects Director Carolyn Black reflect on the realisation of a unique and demanding work for the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail.

ARTICLE: Making Resilience Real, Arts Professional

ARTICLE: into-the-void Four Seasons Magazine, Summer 2016

ARTICLE: (pdf) Hill33_finding one’s place in the world – how Hill33 by David Cotterrell will evolve in the future

ARTICLE: (PDF 2005) prizes and their potential in marketing terms

CATALOGUE TEXT: (PDF 2003) Kathleen Herbert in Auckland Bienniale

ARTICLE: Cultural identity and the nomadic artist

ARTICLE: (PDF 2002) Gina Pane for Decode

REVIEW Alan Russell: Around Reality

ARTICLE: Artists Talking: Communications 2003 Carolyn Black’s first time working away from her home and studio was a UNESCO funded residency in Java, Indonesia. (full article subscribers only)

ARTICLE: LabCulture: a new cult? Carolyn Black profiles the intensive ideas laboratory run by PVA MediaLab. (full article subscribers only)

Memorandum submitted by Carolyn Black “Why do I care about creativity in education?” Written in support of Creative Partnerships, on Parliament website

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