invite to soft-launch of Cabinet of Change, Forest of Dean

A unique artwork by Simon Ryder

Cabinet of Change

You are invited to join us on Thursday 29th August 2013

Mitcheldean Community Library


Newnham Community Library


Please come and view this amazing artwork – the outcome of Simon’s research during his micro-residency in the Forest of Dean.

Artist Simon Ryder (artNucleus) was commissioned by Carolyn Black (Flow Contemporary Arts) to create a ‘cabinet’ in some form that could be used to reflect upon changes in the nature of the Forest of Dean, inspired by his own research in this forest and through engagement with local Community Library users.

Nature, texts, blog posts and technology have been combined to create a unique system that reflects upon how fungi attaches to trees and their interdependence. The artwork holds books, texts and objects that Simon encountered along the way – you are invited to contribute contents too. The selected materials and processes in its making speak of the industrial nature of the forest – wood and words combine with high-tech laser and water-jet cutting.

The Cabinet of Change is a prototype for one of a number of artworks that Flow will deliver in the future as a touring collection of cabinets to libraries, heritage locations and museums.

Cabinet spring-2

Scanning in the forest with an X-Box!

Thanks to volunteers in both Newnham on Severn and Mitcheldean libraries, who have supported this project, and to all those who took part in the workshops; also to the many people I have met along the way whose willingness to share their enthusiasm, local knowledge and insight into the Forest of Dean has given shape to this project, many of whom I have mentioned by name at the end of individual blog postsSimon


The project was supported by the Forest of Dean Local Action Group and the Forestry Commission


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