my sisters book is out today! so exciting – Technobiophilia – big word, big ideas!

This new book is by my sister Sue Thomas and is published today. She raises some important enquiries in it that some may find provocative. We collaborated together in a small way – I did some chapter plates for the book, so it feels like a very exciting sister-adventure!

And I’m a proud sister too.

Hope it is of interest – visit her website for full information


Why are there so many nature metaphors – clouds, rivers, streams, viruses, and bugs – in the language of the internet? Why do we adorn our screens with exotic images of forests, waterfalls, animals and beaches?


“Sue Thomas has taken a very personal and broadly interdisciplinary look at one of the most important issues of our time — the tension between the natural and digital worlds. This book provides a useful lens for seeing where we are, who we are, and where humans, our digital creations, and the natural world are heading. We need to learn to make fulfilling lives without abandoning either the world of technology or the world of biology. Technobiophlia shows the way.” –  Howard Rheingold, Lecturer, Stanford University, US, and author of Net Smart,

“At a time when our technological environment has become so intricate, omnipresent and autonomous that we have started to perceive it as a nature of its own, such sensibilities are desperately needed.” –  Koert van Mensvoort, author of Next Nature: Nature Changes Along with Us,

If you’d like to follow Sue’s blog, you can do so here

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