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Meanders, Museums & Mentoring

Autumn here already – great time for change and thinking about future plans. I’m talking to museums about touring cabinets, having meandering thoughts about adaptation and modification (not on me, personally, but about artworks that can do it). And mentoring. I’d like to do more mentoring, because it feels useful to me and IS useful to others (so my mentees tell me).A quick recap about what’s happened since my last newsletter:

  • Cabinet of Change was completed, thanks to LAG funding
  • Consultation with Forestry Commission, Canal & River Trust and National Trust is complete and we’re looking ahead to a project – watch this space
  • Conversations have begun with Museums about touring cabinets
  • I chaired a panel at b-side Resonant Terrains symposium recently, it was a great couple of days and very challenging to do. I’d love to do it more often.
  • I wrote an article for SW art journal Nom de Strip, great to flex the writing muscles beyond my own projects and talk about artSOUTH – I’d be happy to take writing commissions too, previews, reviews or critical essays – especially about situated practice.

I’ve mentored several artists and have space for a few more, so for a special offer and a chance to book in at my present rate of £40 per hour – visit my webpage to download the information sheet and get your name down now, because my prices go up on 1st November.

I can also help people to create an online presence.This may sound a little odd, until you do it, but sorting out in your mind what you need on your website can help you sort out your practice and priorities in your head. Artists need something that reflects them and their work, that tells THEIR story. Enjoying writing helps – but I understand not everybody does – so exploring other ways of working can be a creative process. If you want to discuss how, contact me and we can arrange to have a chat about it.

Let’s hope the autumn stays warm and the winter is not too harsh

Published by carolyn black

I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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