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some words have been replaced by ****’s to avoid people being disappointed by my website not offering what some people expect to find!

It has come to my attention that every weekend my recent blog post about Roger Hiorns work at the Calder Gallery gets a lot of hits overnight. And the search words used to find it are generally ‘***** young men’. It doesn’t take a lot to work that one out, so I began to think about other artworks that might also draw attention to contemporary art and get new audiences.

A friend mentioned that recently she was amused when people were visiting the Fourth Plinth and referring to Hahn/**** by Katharina Fritsch as ‘the biggest **** in London’. No doubt it is, but might that draw more hits to my website? Well I hope by mentioning it a few more people will go and see it, as a fantastic piece of contemporary art, which it is.

I’ve been googling a bit and considering an audience development plan that utilises these new audiences that are landing on my website. Unexpected (and no doubt deeply unsatisfying) encounters with contemporary art.

That research has proved to be a very useful journey, not least because I found a wonderful film on the Musee D’Orsay website that relates beautifully to the original blog post about Hiorns.

The film is related to a show they have on there now, Masculine / Masculine, The Nude Man in Art from 1800 to the Present Day. The film is playful, considered, beautiful and takes the viewer on a journey that explores the male nude through classical imagery. The poses that are captured in mini-tableaux’s echo the poses taken by the models in Hiorns work. I have no idea whether Hiorns is aware of the video, but if not, he should be. Together these artworks offer a way in to how the classical body in art has historically framed the way we envisage the nude male body. I wish I could fly over there now to see this show. Join this up with Henry Moore reclining nudes at the Hepworth, and the way Moore portrays the female nude, and you have an art class in your hand.

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I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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