One year on and Flow is flowing, growing, slowly gaining momentum

This time last year I was waiting for outcome of G4A – I got it
This year, at the same time, I am again awaiting funding outcomes
Here’s a review of Flow’s first year:

  • Thanks to G4A funding and match funding from the organisations, the consultation with National Trust, Forestry Commission and Canal & River Trust, with Gill of Lightsgoingon, were very fruitful. Developmental – deep and complex conversations and enquiries and some original thinking around the table. Those conversations impacted hugely on how I aim to move Flow forward. Evidence of the impact is in my business plan.
  • I have put together a strong and beautiful business plan – happy to share if you wish to see it, just ask
  • Lots of interest in Flow and the ideas behind it
  • I got Flow’s identity up and running with the help of graphic designer Nic Bennett.
  • I completed an iNet Marketing Course which was very useful
  • I sought support from a business mentor
  • I sought support from a writing mentor and am still working on a document about partnership working
  • Flow website: in Nov 2012 new visitors numbers were an average of 19 per month, Nov 2013 332 per month (peaking at 870 Sept 2013) – increase of 4479%
  • Blog: I’ve written 97 posts on my blog, 3 of which attracted 100+ visitors
  • Twitter: I have tweeted 783 times, and have 717 followers. Best Twitter moment was when the Independent re-tweeted my Tweet – to 440,000 followers!
  • Flow Facebook page: 128 likes
  • In February I launched Flow Advice with an offer of free mentoring sessions for artists. I provided 13 free half-hour slots, from which I received excellent feedback. I have since mentored 9 artists
  • I secured £9k funding from Gloucester First LAG funding to work with Simon Ryder at two community libraries in the Forest of Dean, Cabinet of Change was the outcome. We ran several workshops about blogging and Forestry Commission supported Simon’s research in the Forest about fungi. The project involved storytelling, blogging, laser and waterjet cutting, scanning with an x-box and illusion.
  • I secured a place for leadership training with VASW and have enjoyed the challenge and developed my Flow business plan as a result of that course.
  • I chaired an exciting and vibrant discussion panel for b-side at their Resonant Terrains symposium, which I was told was ‘perfectly pitched’.
  • I found my writing muscles again, partly through blogging and partly through writing a preview and a review of artSOUTH
  • I created a set of chapter plate images for my sister Sue Thomas’s book Technobiophilia. I’m very proud of that!
  • And in Janaury I have a place on the arts writing course at Arvon – always wanted to do a writing course there, a great way to start 2014

What’s next? Who knows! If all goes to plan this time next year will show another steady curve of growth. But there’s no denying good research takes time, and funding. While I’m incubating the bigger projects I’m open to conversations about supporting others. I’m a restless soul with too much energy to be hanging around waiting – I’ve been testing my ability to follow process in the knowledge that something wonderful will develop and it works with sourdough, definitely, so I have to trust it will work with Flow.

Nurture the dough, get the Flow!

lookout, I think there willl be a bread post coming up very soon…’s just rising…..

Published by carolyn black

I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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