Call to action – do you have any interesting cogs, mechanisms, engineering treasures?

The Friction Project: commissioning artists to create artworks that have the potential to adapt and change.

Flow Contemporary Arts has commissioned artists Tara Downs and Bart Sabel to create a new artwork for the Friction Project, in response to three Gloucestershire Museums. The project sets out to explore how artists can be commissioned to create artworks that have the potential to adapt and change. The research and delivery of the project has been developed in partnership with the Holst Museum (Cheltenham); the Museum in the Park (Stroud) and the Waterways Museum (Gloucester). The artwork, The Miniature Museum of Museums, will tour all three locations during 2015. Very much a form of cabinet of curiosity, visitors will be able to touch and animate the artwork, which will merge knowledge, ingenuity, engineering and creative-thinking to release new ways of experiencing the museum collections. (more info)

Do you live in the Gloucestershire area?

Do you have any intriguing little mechanisms you’d be happy to part with for Tara & Bart to use in constructing their artwork?

We’re thinking of bits and pieces like cogs, levers, small things that activate actions or movements……clockwork parts..musical instrument parts… things that lie around because you hope one day there will be a use for them, because they are so beautiful you can’t bear to throw them away!

If you have, please email Tara

We can’t guarantee they will use them, but if they do you will be credited accordingly.

Here’s a photo of one such donation, by Robin:

piano 1

ps smaller things very welcome!

Below is a very beautiful diagram from the Museum in the Park collection that is informing the artists’ thinking:

copyright Museum in the Park, Stroud
MSS Patent specifications for ‘Messrs Lewis and Ferrabee’s improvements in Dressing Cloths etc’ 3 may 1838. copyright Museum in the Park, Stroud

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