An enjoyable week of planning, writing and sharing time with inspirational artists

It’s been an interesting week that has included several different aspects of my workload – all are pleasing in some ways that surprise me.

Some days have been spent writing critical paths and risk assessments. Boring boring boring you might think, but no, I found them fascinating to do. Working with multiple partners means being uber-aware of roles and responsibilities in a project. Especially when working with national land agencies. Art placed in the public realm does not arrive shrouded in the mystical safety-blanket of a gallery – it arrives raw and often unexpected. What might happen to it is largely unknown….the land of Ronald Rumsfeld’s famous comment “There are known knowns….”
So we have to make well-informed decisions by consulting the appropriate guidelines.

Other days saw me drawing up marketing and press materials. Gathering information, putting it in order, writing creatively, checking and checking again. Then sharing – another partner-specific thing. Work with many people, they need to be kept informed – communication and sharing is an absolute necessity. And that requires a structure to be put in place.

I do like frameworks – I’ve been writing one of those for the marketing of a project too.

Some writing I’ve done has attracted some attention this week to – one blog post adapted by a-n and another little piece for the Guardian Culture Professionals pages about new year resolutions and inspiration.

I find my work inspiring most of the time (ok, some days I struggle, but most is a fair measure). Yesterday I spent time with some artists, a film-maker and a cultural geographer for a project in Bideford and we visited a colour-factory. Yes, I know it sounds very willy-wonka, but the men at this place actually create colour pellets that are used to stain plastics all-over the world. They have rows and rows of draws with samples of over 280,000 colours in them!

I have some amazing pictures but we’re not ready to share them all yet, so here’s just one. This is a research project and on-going.

So, Happy Friday!


Published by carolyn black

I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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