A quote from The Holst Museum in Cheltenham – who will be launching Miniature Museum of Museums soon!

Miniature Museum of Museums (taken from the Holst Newsletter – sign up for it here)

(12th June – 1st September 2015)

Produced by Flow Contemporary Arts, the Miniature Museum of Museums, by artists Tara Downs and Bart Sabel uses the ingenuity essential to any creative process to link the Holst Birthplace Museum with Gloucester’s Waterways Museum and Stroud’s Museum in the Park. This unique interactive artwork is inspired by the collections of the three Gloucestershire museums.

Essentially it is a writing desk transformed by sound, light and moving parts, which is intended – and cries out – to be played with. There are drawers full of objects and sounds echoing the individual museums. Listen out for Imogen Holst talking about her father and the wonderful and haunting interpretation of Holst’s Song of the Shipbuilders by girls from Cheltenham’s Pate’s Grammar School.

I have visited this wonderful artwork, itself a testament to ingenuity, in both Gloucester’s Waterways Museum and Stroud’s Museum in the Park and I can’t wait for June 12th to see it installed in the Holst Birthplace Museum.

Sara Salvidge

Holst Birthplace Museum

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