Story of Objects workshop one – what ‘stuff’ do you own that you care about?

Am looking forward to today, having the first research workshop for Story of Objects. People are invited to bring an object they cherish with them and discuss it with us. I’m looking for other groups to do workshops with – if you have any suggestions, get in touch. Here’s a few starter questions:

Please describe the object and pass it around if you are happy to do so
What is it made of?
Is it hand-made or mass produced?
Is it skilfully made?
Or is it a found object – a pebble, a pressed flower?
Is it heavy? Soft? Hard? Shiny?
Does it fit in your hand?
Does it have emotional value to you?
Do you care for it specifically because it may be of economic value?

Is it yours?
If so, how did you acquire it? (gifted, bought, inherited etc)
What made you choose this object to bring with you today?
How long have you owned it?
Do you know who owned it before?
Does it tell you anything about your family history?
How important is it to you that it is kept within the family?
If very, have you bequeathed it to anyone?

My object today is a silver knife sharpener. Believed to belong to my maternal grandmother – a Van der Willik. Grandma had several silver items – my brother has the gravy spoon, my Auntie (Mum’s sister) has a soup ladle. My Mum was born in Borneo, into a colonial household. I also had bone handled carving set but bone deteriorated.

CB knife sharpener

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