b-side does it again – great line-up of speakers – come & participate – and speak too!


I’m a big fan of b-side (I know, I’m biased – I’m on their Board). The last symposium they had was brilliant – really good lively debates and lots of artists too. You know how some symposiums are sometimes the same old people saying the same old things? Well it wasn’t like that. And I suspect this one won’t be like that too. It’s a  place to listen to some great speakers, but also a place to be heard. It’s not about watching people speak, it’s about participation. So Day 1 features individual perspectives from a selection of protagonists (names to be announced). These talks, performances and provocations from specialists and practitioners will set the tone for 2 days of conversation and intervention including an excursion to Portland’s primary tourist attraction!

The symposium begins with an introductory talk by James Lingwood setting the scene for the event, talking about his experience of producing the Artangel, BBC Radio 4 commissioned work by Katrina Palmer. Katrina Palmer will give a reading from her book End Matter, a book of new writing and photography drawn from her time spent in residence on the Isle of Portland.

If you saw/heard Katrina Horne’s work on Portland, commissioned by Artangel, you will want to be there. If you didn’t – you NEED to be there, because End Matter was so fantastic we can all learn from them.

So here’s the invite, book your tickets now, let’s have some good conversations.

b-side Symposium 8 & 9 October 2015

How can tourism work for art and art work for tourism?

 b-side invites you to join us for 2 days of conversation, creative provocation and intervention with guests from the world of art, heritage and environment. We will be exploring the impact of tourism on community, environment and economy and the role art can play.

With economic drivers increasingly defining national agendas and culture used as a tool for regeneration, is art responsible for contributing to the exploitation of ecologies and communities for the benefit of the tourist economy or can it be part of the solution?

Join us on 8 & 9 October, 2015 with contributions from Artists Alistair Gentry, Jordan McKenzie, Katrina Palmer, Phil Smith + anthropologist Julie Crawshaw, James Lingwood (Artangel), Tom Munro (Dorset AONB), Joss Allen (Deveron Arts), Dr Nigel D Morpeth (Leeds Beckett University), Sue Jones (Whitstable Biennale) + more to be announced.

ONLY £65 for TWO days-  including a delicious supper and lunch



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I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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