mentoring rates going up in 2016 – about time too!

As my recent post stated, we would all be well advised to look after ourselves and value what we have and are. We’re all very different, some of us get a kick from constant changes in life, others are happier feeling firmly rooted into place and need a sense of security. It’s all fine – but the chances are that either way there will be pivotal points in life when one has a sense of restlessness, or something driving us onto something new. It may be low-level new – like moving the furniture around, it may be moderate new, like relocating to another town, or it could be wham-bam action, selling up and travelling the world!!!

I’ve recently been very impressed by an advert for a certain high-profile car – the strapline is “sometimes it turns out that the thing you want the most is actually the thing you need”. Love that – it’s a license to make changes and follow your hearts desire.

I firmly believe whether it is changing the way one thinks or reinventing yourself, it’s tough to go it alone. That’s when a mentor or critical friend comes in very handy. As a sounding board, another perspective. It’s not counselling, or therapy, it’s just someone to see things differently on your behalf, to help you see the way forward.

When you are doing a painting, sometimes turning it upside down can help you re-see it. Or checking it out in a mirror. Writing sometimes reveals itself more clearly after being left in  a drawer for a few days, weeks or even years. But life can be a bit more tricky – it’s not easy to take yourself by surprise, because you always see yourself coming. You may need to do some training, or return to study, who knows but you?

Get in touch now if you’d like some support – if you book in now the cost won’t rise until April 1st. From 1st January there’ll be going up 5%. Find out more.

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I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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