climb every mountain – a review of ten years & a forecast of things to come

<-The last ten years 2006-2016

10 years ago this week I moved to the Forest of Dean

Of hills and 5 cars, weird, as I don’t even care about cars! But I do love a hill with a view – here’s my view as from today….looking out at new horizons, constantly……

2006 I lived alone for the first time in 30 years

It was both exciting and terrifying

No kids, no pets, no husband – just me

My car was a clapped out Micra, couldn’t do hills

That first year was mostly uphill – house to sell, rent to pay, job to do at FODST and other work too – staying afloat

Worked as Project Director for Sculpture Trust and worked with many artists there – too many to mention

2007 better Micra!

2008 Started my PhD – a big hill to climb

2009 Got a white Mini convertible, fondly known as mini-ha-ha, because it made me very happy! (Sung to the tune of ‘Toreador’, ok, silly, but I’d never had a convertible before, mid-life crisis?)

2009 Left the FODST

2010 Got sciatica for the first time

2010 Stopped my PhD – not for me, slipped down the hill in true cheese-rolling style. Got up, brushed myself down….

2010/2011 Worked on touring Aeolus with LJ and other freelance work

2011 Sold mini (it caused sciatica) and got convertible Peugeot

2011/2012 Worked for Big Pic in Dorset for Exlab cultural Olympics London 2012

Lived part-time in lodgings, another first

By September 2012 decided to start Flow Contemporary Arts

More freelance work – mentoring, writing etc.

December 2012 launched Flow Contemporary Arts

Marketing training, Creative England

2013 ACE funded consultation with FC/NT & C&RT

2013 EU funding for Change Project

Leadership training, supported by VASW

2014 ACE funding Friction Project

Critical writing course at Arvon, supported by VASW

2014/2015 contracted for Bideford Black Project, Burton, Devon

2015 Writer in residence/keynote speaker for Double Elephant and  lots of contracts – began work with PA, TAP, CG & FANDVOS, LightsGoingOn

Got Micra car (non- convertible L) – sciatica easier though!

2015 Bristol Green Capital project, Withdrawn with NT, FC & LJ

2015 ACE funding to develop Story of Objects discovery phase

-> The next ten years 2016 – 2026

I began 2016 with a mission – another decade to review my life in – more hills to climb, make decisions for work and personal life, make plans, map the next 10. At present (who knows what is around the corner?), my plan is that I will:

Develop the Story of Objects – research & delivery

Continue to make things happen that are creative, engaging and enjoyable

Share past learning, through mentoring and delivering training

And have fascinating conversations, see wonderful places, meet amazing people, learn new things

Enjoy more leisure

Return to art making – for pleasure

Nurture my writing

Read more

See more

Travel more

Walk, talk, work, experience – touch, feel, see, hear and create new things

So basically, more of the same please!


NOTE: this is, of course, not a definitive list, there are many other important things not mentioned here, but these are my public share. Not least that I’m delighted by how my kids have grown into amazing adults during this time too – but that’s another story…..)

Published by carolyn black

I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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