ABC(D) 123 where do we start and where do we go? my art life and Prema

Interesting to re-read this in the light of living in the Forest of Dean for the past ten years. There are Prema-equivalents here for people, I suspect Cinderford ARTspace is one of them. I’m more than a little interested in thinking about all of this and using it as a way of working here in the Forest. Would love to hear from other artists in the forest what their thoughts might be? What other groups were influential? FAN? BigArtWeb? Any others?

Flow Contemporary Arts


Watch this video and smile, and think about how easy ABC is – then think about the D in brackets…..

I will explain – yesterday I heard the term ABCD for the first time. Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is a community development approach that is:

  • broad in scope
  • solution-focused
  • strength based
  • community driven

Like the Jacksons, we all understand ABC – it’s linear, sequential and is finite, ending with Z.

Compare that with 123 – which is infinite

Both are about learning and we are taught how to know our limits, and by doing so learn our deficits. We then set out to make good those deficits, maybe on a personal basis or in terms of community, or business or skills – whatever. We do this because we seek D = development.

Why do we always start with a negative and try to turn it around? Why don’t we…

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