6 months of Flow and is it Flowing? yes, quite close to the slipstream

In December 2012 I wrote the post below and yesterday, whilst looking for something else, I found it and re-read it. Interesting.

VASW is now doing all the things that were planned, some really good opportunities for artists under development and in action.

The keywords for Flow are still key for me:

Resilient within limits
Ability to change
All parts are equal (my italics made at the time)
Liminality is created – rich meeting place

I have been mentoring artists and aim to do more

I have fundraised for  Cabinet of Local Change project, commissioning Simon Ryder to create a  prototype cabinet, the final artwork is in production now

I have done a consultation with Canal & River Trust, Forestry Commission and National Trust and developing a project with them and supported by Lightsgoingon.

I am still getting older

I’m talking with new partners; I’ve written a programme of professional development modules for HE; I’ve completed a marketing training course and am in mid-leadership course at present; my e-book is in progress and my business plan being tidied up by my graphic designer. All is well.

It’s been an exciting 6 months and I look forward to those ahead!

Getting into the Flow – winter arriving, first frosts and stunning skylines, time to plan the future

Last week Visual Arts South West (VASW) hosted a meeting in Exeter to share what has been achieved in the last year – it’s looking good. You can follow them on Facebook here.

John Holden was the keynote speaker and inspired everyone with his talk about networks and how they can function usefully in the arts ecology.  I made  notes and often resorted to simply lists of words. Reflecting on my notes, I see this particular set are most relevant to the development of Flow Contemporary Arts. Flow is my new initiative that will offer two strands: one to deliver projects and the other to help others to do so.

The words I listed related to the concept of arts ecologies and were:

Resilient within limits
Ability to change
All parts are equal (my italics made at the time)
Liminality is created – rich meeting place

I love these words, I think them all the time, they are central to what Flow sets out to do and be. The cycles in Flow are indicated in the bidirectional arrows of the logo

Flow - Letterhead red (strip)

Resilient within limits: being realistic, these are difficult times.

Ability to change – always – constant reflection and revision, responsive actions whilst being clear of overall vision

ALL PARTS ARE EQUAL – key to good working relationships, learning is reciprocal, I love learning, especially through action. All aspects of a project – the planning, the vision, the delivery – provide learning opportunities. Everyone involved should be treated fairly and respectfully.

Flexibility – it comes with a willingness to embrace change

Liminality – step outside your comfort zone – try working with non-art partners – my first ever website, done in the 90′s was called ‘grey matters’. It played on liminality, the grey are between, the grey matter of the mind, the fact that considering both sides doesn’t necessarily mean you sit on the fence, but that you can SEE both sides. I’m very fond of grey. I’m very fond of liminality – ‘hybrideyes’, my first ever domain name reflected that too.

Gosh, I do feel old! And hopefully wise(er) than then!!!

I envisage Flow to be a meeting place, a place to share and exchange thoughts, ideas visions and even skills. I’m happy to mentor others, just get in touch and we’ll see what might work. I’ve helped artists secure funding, revisit their practice, set up new projects etc. I’ve worked with and for organisations to deliver projects, training and develop strategies. I’d like the emphasis of Flow to be on with as I genuinely believe we function best on a level playing field. That’s not to say I won’t make decisions when needed, I do, it’s my role to do so.

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I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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