blackbirds & blackboards

Firstly, blackbirds. Last year I wrote a blogpost about my relationship with a female blackbird that grew over summer 2021. By the end of the year I rarely saw her, but a young male with a slash of white on the edge of his left wing began to visit the garden looking for food. LastContinue reading “blackbirds & blackboards”

Two exhibitions – one either side of the Severn – last chance to see them

Very rarely have I been involved in two exhibitions on both sides of the Severn on the same dates! Both end on Sunday 27th March – the Old Passage exhibition in Arlingham and, across the river further along the estuary, the Severn Sisters show at 7Q in Chepstow. So whichever side of the Severn youContinue reading “Two exhibitions – one either side of the Severn – last chance to see them”

Newsletter February 28th 2022

I hope this finds you well and life is returning to a semblance of ‘normal’ since my last newsletter over a year ago. Lots has gone on over that time both outside and in my studio. Here’s a general update split into Flow, studio practice & exhibitions coming up VERY soon. My studio practice: IContinue reading “Newsletter February 28th 2022”

sunspots in my eyes, sunrise over the Severn

REPOST FROM 2018 On Friday 4th February I went on a Walking the Land First Friday walk in the local woodlands. It reminded me of this piece of writing which took a bit of digging to find. I didn’t know the word Komorebi until last week. As I edited my film I thought about Escher’sContinue reading “sunspots in my eyes, sunrise over the Severn”

Blackbird story for Christmas.

Here’s how Blackbird and I developed our relationship and how she passed on that knowledge to her fledglings. I can only imagine, through human eyes, how the conversations went. I sometimes listen to the chattering of birds, the clicking, the tweeting and whistling noises they make, and I mimic them.  Unlike starlings, blackbirds are veryContinue reading “Blackbird story for Christmas.”

Pecking Order – a film & a text

Lights on lights off. Credit to Martin Creed – his work made an empty room into a place to inhabit and be aware of one’s own presence in the world. My thinking around lights on and lights off has not come from an indoor lightbulb moment, but rather a streetlight one. And its relationship withContinue reading “Pecking Order – a film & a text”

together apart – new film by Eva Rune and Carolyn Black

In spring 2020 Carolyn tracked Eva down in Sweden and asked permission to use her kulning song on her film “When You Call I Shall Come“. Eva said yes, and their friendship grew from there. They have continued to work together remotely. One way that has happened is by Eva joining the Stroud based WalkingContinue reading “together apart – new film by Eva Rune and Carolyn Black”

Blinded By The Light new film, old thinking

The title will resonate with more mature audiences – a song title by Manfred Mann in 1976. the film is new the thinking is old to me the visuals are old because they are informed by old work made twenty years after the song the words flashed into my mind today as the sun slashedContinue reading “Blinded By The Light new film, old thinking”