Thank you to Purton (on Severn!) for a wonderful weekend

When friends Bronny & Peter came to my private view in The George it was lovely to see them, having known them for probably thirty years, when we lived in Thornbury. Since leaving there we have all become water-dwellers, they in the lovely village of Purton, on the canal near the Severn, and me in Newnham. We share a passion for our hometowns.

Their invitation to take my drawings to the other side was irresistible, this weekend the outcome was two days of showing, one in their beautiful home, the other in St. Johns Church. We had wonderful weather and, being a Bank Holiday, a lot of people came along. Some locals, some boaters, walkers, cyclists and holiday makers.

And thank you for doing so if you were one of them – there were a huge number of cups of tea and slices of home-made cakes sold, not to mention the preserves and postcards too!

And between the picture hanging and tea-pouring we snuck in a good catch up and an early morning walk along the bank of the Severn, finally ;pinning down the future partner picture to feature the opposite bank to the Awre Putcher rack on ‘my side’ of the Severn.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps of the weekend, and a little video of inside the church – with a guest appearance of an organ player (I’m sorry I don’t know his name, but Margaret, the lovely lady who organises the Church teas will know).

I met so many people will fantastic knowledge of the place, I shall be back soon I know, as there is a section in my publication about Purton on both sides. Thank you Purton.

And before you go, please complete my little survey, it’s only has three questions!!!





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