The Bean Project revisited after 15 years (actually 20 now!)

Recently I sent out some Morning Glory seeds in a handmade seed-pack to family and friends. Intended to send hope and optimism, beautiful flowers to enjoy over what could be a long summer.


This blogpost is a re-share and refers to my first ever website project – all about growing.

My niece, Erin, is sending me daily photos of her seedlings growing, which is delightful! This all makes sense of my Story of Objects project too. Sometimes little things are loaded with love. It is said we need daily routine in our lives, especially at times like this. That will explain why there are so many fab projects emerging online.

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Facebook: What do you see from your window? #StayAtHome The Story of Objects (one of mine!)

Twitter: #fractalOfTheDay #DailyArt

Here are Erin’s daily photographs of the Morning Glory seedlings.

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Flow Contemporary Arts

The Bean Project 2002 – archived here:

There is something very wonderful about a friend finding my first-ever web based text project 15 years after I made it in 2017. There it is, The Bean Project, tucked away in a corner of cyberspace – the source files all gone, the software I used to programme it defunct and the browsers advanced beyond what could be imagined when it was first written. Thanks to Leonardo Flores, of I ♥ E-Poetry for taking care of it for me. Odd to think it’s used as a teaching tool in a university in Puerto Rico – but then that is the wonder of the web. I have often referred to the root meaning of the word ‘curate’ as taking care of, so this is a good example of what that makes reference to.

It was while I was doing my MA in Fine…

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I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

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