Once upon a time I felt petrified


Roughly triangular

No side longer 

Than my little finger

Hidden in hand

Tightly held

Edges smoothed by mountain stream

Bllack shadows leach from base

Residues of red indicate strata

Mere fragment 

Of larger stone






How long has it been petrified?


From soft

To hard

As a rock

Yesterday, I was told that a fragment of jelly from my retina had broken free and is now floating around creating veils of semi opaque shadows in my left eye

I was petrified


I feel boulder

Published by carolyn black

I'm an artist and also commission contemporary art in unusual locations. As a producer, I fundraise, curate, project manage and deliver projects. I'm also a writer and film-maker.

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time I felt petrified

    1. All ok thanks, there is an issue but not as bad as thought. Mildly amused that I put a head torch on and made shadows- a bit like an optician.


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