‘between’ a new film on a day of conflicts and tensions

Today is an in-between day

In the USA the left and the right fight it out (literally it appears); in the UK we await our 2nd lockdown tomorrow; autumn sunshine – winter chill

Neither here nor there

The River Severn continues to flow

Soon what is in front of us, will be behind us

It’s just a matter of time


Out of Control

For Brexit, taking back control was the plan

Handbrake off, heading for brick wall

No seatbelt

Out of control Is where we are with Covid

Handbrake snapped, heading for cliff edge

Inefficient testing

A government hoist by its own petard

Disregards laws, driven by a charlatan whose arrogance

Is beyond our control

No PPE can protect this countries lungs

Or ours. Infected by viral lies, divisiveness

And incompetence


Listening to the weather when I awake

It is unsettled and petulant

With a grey moody texture

Swishes of tyres, squelching of feet

The soundtrack of recent weeks

Puddles become pools become rivers

Heavy grey skies mirrored in a spectacular waterland

As far as the eye can see

Water defies boundaries, bursts banks, streams over bridges

Natures rule book sodden then swept away

Trees dance thrash then snap

Wrenched from the earth by turbulent storms

We have slipped, fallen, gone under

Into the depths of climate change

Yet still we build build build on flood plains

Our infrastructure crumbles

A saturated honeycomb of potholes 

A lonely island with fractures and fissures

In a state of collapse

We must listen to this saturated land


I saw the old fox in his den
in hiding with his family
around him
fragile and unsteady
with a long past behind
he sees no future
yet is content in that knowing
his fear is limited by
brief time remaining

I saw the young fox cub
basking in the sun
fragile and unsteady
with no past to guide him
his future unscripted
yet his fear tells him
he must run to escape
from me

a place between two rivers

The Forest of Dean

A long way from anywhere

Framed by two rivers

The Severn

The Wye


On the west bank of the Severn

My home for eight years

Tidal, fast flowing

Waves ricocheting

I am calmed


From this side I gaze across

And look back

To the east

The river runs through

The Bore rages


Past life left behind

On the other bank

My present one

Here now

Flowing steadily


The Bore booms

Between the banks

Memories of the past flood in

Waves bursting with future

Ride her passion


A choice was made and understood

One side is merely

A different perspective

To the other

The tide the meeting of river and sea


I don’t ride the wave

Though my heart surfs on it

Beating to the drum of the tides

In a forest

Between the Severn & the Wye



soft lead pencil

escherSoft lead pencil

Gently guided by hand

Crafts the lines of its echo

Smudging as it draws

Leaving gossamer timelines

Shimmering on the paper


Graphite grey and gleaming

Flesh drawn, flesh drawing

Pencil tip to wrist rises to knuckles

Knuckles to fingers

Fingertip to pencil

Endless crafting


Looping of life

The thumb of the left

Stubbier than the other

As if a sleight of hand

Has erased the tip

An accident of birth


Lead crafts life

And life crafts lead

One leads

One follows

Tracing each other




With love to Escher, a constant inspiration in my life




In 2001 Sue Thomas gave her sister

A pair of earrings for her birthday

Wafer-thin motherboards

Metal as fine as lace

Nodes where knots would be

Linked not by choice but by design


Five years older than Carolyn

Sue was a Professor

Always more grown up

Than Carolyn could ever be

That fact would never go away

Nor would the fact they are sisters


Six years later

Carolyn rediscovered one of the earrings

She hung it in her room, alone

And admired its delicacy

Often wondering

Where the other might be


Seven years later it reappeared

Surprisingly in her garage

Files tipped out of a cardboard box

Onto a dusty concrete floor

Revealed the earring

Hooked underneath the inside flap


Together again, the network reconnected

Sharp words and edges catching

Both flesh and thread

Memory restored


Like a paired device