Studio Thinking Part 2 – looking from the past to the future

Studio Thinking part 2 – the 2nd November. Interesting reading the words that I wrote three days ago. It’s very cathartic to write like that, so I’m going to continue a little bit longer. I left off having talked about panoramic photos, videos and photography and told myself I would write more about printmaking andContinue reading “Studio Thinking Part 2 – looking from the past to the future”

Pecking Order – a film & a text

Lights on lights off. Credit to Martin Creed – his work made an empty room into a place to inhabit and be aware of one’s own presence in the world. My thinking around lights on and lights off has not come from an indoor lightbulb moment, but rather a streetlight one. And its relationship withContinue reading “Pecking Order – a film & a text”

Blinded By The Light new film, old thinking

The title will resonate with more mature audiences – a song title by Manfred Mann in 1976. the film is new the thinking is old to me the visuals are old because they are informed by old work made twenty years after the song the words flashed into my mind today as the sun slashedContinue reading “Blinded By The Light new film, old thinking”

#floodsnearhome call to action – prospecting future flooding

#floodsnearhome call to action – prospecting future flooding Disclaimer: I’m an artist, not a scientist or activist. I rely on readily available online data and do my best to ensure the maps and information I share are from reliable sources. But no-one knows the facts because it is impossible to have them. Everything is inContinue reading “#floodsnearhome call to action – prospecting future flooding”

Walk Create Gallery #3 at Glasgow University

Walking Publics/Walking Arts  is  a  research project  funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council  exploring the potential of the arts to sustain, encourage and more equitably support walking during and recovering from a pandemic. A broad selection of artworks about walking and art during the pandemic. Plenty to delve into on a rainy day –Continue reading “Walk Create Gallery #3 at Glasgow University”

Visioning in a pandemic

staring into white spacewaitingi see a circlein the skystart to emergethen fade awayi’m watchingslow breathingthe whitenessblocking my ability to thinkthe tide coming inand going outthings float across my visionmy eye keeps returningto the whiteand the yellowoh so slightlyyellow circlethat i keep thinkingi can seebut then can’tbirds call in the dawngetting louder with hopefor a newContinue reading “Visioning in a pandemic”

Letting Go, Refusal and the third space during Lockdown – a time when you have nothing to do and everything to do

Letting Go, Refusal and the third space Lockdown – a time when you have nothing to do and everything to do – both at once. Do you feel hypersensitive at the moment? Does your brain seem to be like a colander today, yet memories of significant things in your past float up constantly? Do theyContinue reading “Letting Go, Refusal and the third space during Lockdown – a time when you have nothing to do and everything to do”


Listening to the weather when I awake It is unsettled and petulant With a grey moody texture Swishes of tyres, squelching of feet The soundtrack of recent weeks Puddles become pools become rivers Heavy grey skies mirrored in a spectacular waterland As far as the eye can see Water defies boundaries, bursts banks, streams overContinue reading “REACHING SATURATION POINT”

Belief, Stories and Marketing – how the Rooster story grabbed my attention

Belief, Stories and Marketing One of the reasons I wrote the Rooster of Notre Dame piece is that I was struck by the story. In terms of marketing, it’s an excellent example of keeping something up there in the public eye: Stage one – the fire – HUGE worldwide attention Stage two – the fundraisingContinue reading “Belief, Stories and Marketing – how the Rooster story grabbed my attention”